We Made the Cover of the Review!

Along with the accompanying “Cover Story”

If you missed our set at the Fall Alt-Fest, you blew it for 2023. If you missed the Unplugged Performance at Carysbrook Performing Arts Center, you missed a very special and rare actual concert from the full trio -- acoustic.

The good news is that we have lots of upcoming shows to not miss! From Gary solo to full band showcases and full-band full night shows (you know that means some very cool covers thrown in, and we have some brand-new ones that are not to be missed!

Speaking of new songs not to be missed… We have them! Gary has been pushing for new material for the upcoming album on Ranch Hand Records, and they are starting to roll! We are currently playing two brand new songs live in both solo and band shows.

This record is going to be our most significant project yet, and we will be launching a Kick Starter Campaign to help fund it. You will be able to actually OWN a part of the new ToBe Fare Record! Please sign up for the mailing list, leave a comment or send us an email to be part of the first round. Have you ever thought about being an Executive Producer? Well, this is your chance! There will be great limited edition schwag for all donors, and LOTS of recognition for our backers. Stay Tuned!

The Singles (2Songs) are on the Streamers, but you can also find them right now right here and OWN them, not just rent them! Plus, there are even newer songs that will only be available live until later this year! Make plans now to attend a show.

By the way, we have more new Merch!! Check out the Store!  We have the UBU shirts and hoodies in both collegiate and rainbow styles, The Love Heart collection, and newest Wake UP! all taken from our songs and spreading awesome messages. But the most important message shirt that we now have is the newest:  VOTE. We highly recommend that everyone pick up a VOTE product and wear it proudly, as a simple reminder that we have that privilege and need to exercise it.  What types of merch would you like to have? Let us know in the comments!