"small" is 10 short stories. Taken together, the first 8 also have a larger narrative arc. The last two -- a bit of a push off into new territories. We hope that they can all live on, and what was once personal (and hopefully universal) for us can become universally personal for you. But when asked "What's your genre?" The BiG! boys were stymied. Can you hear the influences? -- Willie Dixon, Muddy Waters, Bob Dylan, John Denver, The Who, The Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, The Cure, U2. They are all there, and more, in bits and pieces. Ones and Zeros. But what is it? The Blues? -- yes, but not entirely. Classic/Mainstream Rock? -- yes, but not really. New Wave/Alternative/Goth/Grunge? -- why not? It has elements of them all. It can be anything you want it to be. Yes, you, the listener. You get to decide. BiG! is Gary Hawthorne -- Broken Vocals and guitars, Adam JR Stoffel -- Drums, Cajon, Percussion and Vocals, and Bryan McKenzie -- Bass and High Fashion. Thank you for listening.

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